Social Media and Email Marketing

The idea of email marketing, as it is known today is greatly distinctive from the original concept of the process. This is because, the current day email marketing campaigns are fully centered round the social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace. In this context, it’s relevant to mention that email marketing is probably the most traditional way of internet marketing, as it existed even before the net was overtaken by social media websites. The advent of the social media websites, however, changed the whole concept of email marketing.

Before social media era, internet marketers used to receive the email address in bulk from the web service provider without any idea about if the receiver of the email will have a way to comprehend the brand new business offer introduced in the email or not. This often resulted in genuine internet marketing emails being marked as spam and discarded. Additionally, the content of the email didn’t bear any signature style and all of the emails were sent in bulk, with the content of the email remaining the same. The success rate of such type of email marketing was considerable in the first days, but the lack of credibility in such type of email marketing soon reduced the chances of success in haphazard email marketing. The prevalence of spams and fake emails also made the task of genuine internet marketers difficult. The social media era changed each of this.

Social networking enabled the internet-marketing manager to pinpoint his target audience. The various communities and groups that people formed on the social networking site enabled the net marketer to spot the best group of people who will appreciate the business enterprise offers facebook bulk message sender. Moreover, the social media meant that the net marketer had no further to depend upon the net service provider to have the email as the email ids might be directly obtained from the social media sites, thus saving punctually and money. Since, the email ids gathered from the social media sites are all relevant emails, so there is also a savings on the vitality of sending business introduction emails to individuals who don’t care about the business enterprise in virtually any way. Social networking sites ensured that the best emails reached the best receiver.

Finally, and most of all, the social media sites allowed a sense of personalization and credibility with the emails. While the names and personal preferences of the receiver of the email are now known from their social network profiles, and so the internet-marketing managers can personalize the emails with the intention of grabbing the non-public attention of the receiver of the email. The graphics, fonts, colors and themes of the email are now selected according to individual customers to really make the emails appear professional and personal at the same time.

In this context, it must also be remembered that the net marketer, for attributing full credibility to the emails should follow certain golden rules of email marketing. Such golden rules include precise description of the brand new business idea, the contact details of the sender in the emails and the tone of the email should be a balance of politeness and professionalism. These rules, with the personalization of the emails, make email marketing an essential internet-marketing instrument for the net marketer.

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