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Rafting your boat could be a good way to pay time on the water with family, friends and alternative boaters. Here square measure a couple of tips to stay you and your boat safe whereas rafting up this summer.

Marine Repair Manuals SELOC:

Make sure you have got the proper gear for rafting up. Fenders, dock lines, spring lines and anchors square measure vital. a ship hook is additionally handy to maneuver boats at shut quarters whereas keeping hands and feet clear for safety. Having a decent arrange can build the method of rafting multiple boats along go swimmingly and safely. Designate the heaviest boat (not essentially the biggest) to be the host or ‘anchor’ vessel. this can be the primary boat within the raft, setting a decent anchor for the boats which will then tie on either facet.

The total load on the middle boat are going to be over traditional and further scope is critical. ensure the captain of the anchor boat is accustomed to his anchor and sets it smart at 7:1 minimum scope, 10:1 is usually a decent plan particularly for larger rafts.

Size up the boats that commit to participate within the raft up. it’s best to position similar sized boats next to 1 another to best defend the vessels once tied and build crossing between boats easier. Place larger vessels close to the middle of the raft, on either facet of the host or anchor boat, and smaller boats towards the ends of the raft.

When designing a bigger raft, it’s a decent plan to possess multiple boats set associate degree anchor to secure the raft, each third boat could be a smart rule of thumb. bear in mind of current Free SELOC Repair Manuals, tides and wind conditions. commit to either anchor your raft in situ (forward and aft) or to permit for swing (which will tangle lines and anchors if you’re not careful).


Use your marine radio or cell to speak between boats as they’re supplemental to the raft up.

Be Ready:

Have your fenders deployed and contours prepared. Take into thought if you may be setting associate degree anchor before easing aboard the raft. Be safe, seek for swimmers and smaller watercraft as you be part of the raft up. kids and guests not involved rafting up ought to be sitting out of the method.

Tie Off:

When in position, tie off to the opposite boat. alter bow and stern lines thus your stern aligns with the rafted boats. this permits for safer and easier travel between rafted vessels. Use spring lines to forestall forward and aft shifting between boats.


Movement, particularly in wake things is sometimes inevitable. this is often one reason some opt for to not participate in raft ups, and is usually a cause for the rafted boats dispersing before dark. however protected your anchorage is from wind and wake, however safe and secure your fenders keep your boat, and the way firmly lines were tied square measure all vital factors which will contribute to a secure and harm free raft up expertise.

Be Respectful: Respect the privacy and belongings of the boats next to you, particularly once returning aboard another’s vessel to cross on the raft. Be conscious of wherever you step, avoid walking over hatches and thru cockpits, etc..

Be Safe: Take some time once crossing between 2 boats, ne’er jump! rise over bow rails, lines, gunwales or swim platforms create trip hazards and safety considerations. take care of cleats and alternative sharp objects once barefoot. Keep arms and legs out from between boats, you ne’er understand once shifting could occur. Wear life jackets or PFD just in case of a mistake. ne’er swim between boats.

The Right Tools: albeit you merely raft up with alternative vessels once during a whereas, it pays to possess properly sized and formed fenders, and therefore the proper of dock lines for the task. For rafting up with larger vessels, you would possibly wish to contemplate having a collection of a minimum of 2 slightly larger fenders. Having slightly heavier dock line could be a smart plan too, particularly if a number of the boats within the raft square measure larger. ensure you’re attachment lines off firmly. Checking and maintaining your boat’s cleats and alternative gear could be a smart observe to forestall harm whereas rafting up or side.

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